About Us

 About Us

Columbus Speaks was founded in 2020 by Emily Post and Tyler Phillips. Starting out with a desire to become more active in their community, they launched in the summer during the civil rights unrest and raised over $10,000 for the Columbus Freedom Fund. Since then the vision for the platform has grown and has become a outspoken group in the world of human equality.


 Who we are

Tyler Phillips: Co-founder 

Tyler is a creative director in the 614. If you ask him, he'd call himself a story teller who enjoys finding the sweet spot of humanity and action. Sit down with him over tea sometime. Nine times out of 10, he'll have a new story for you.


Emily Post: Co-founder 

Emily is an Assistant Professor of Exercise Science. Her passion shines in her work in the Down syndrome community and in her personal life. She is an artist, dog mom, and retired college volleyball player. She also makes a dang good pour over coffee.


Anna Chrysler

Anna is our social media guru. She literally makes Columbus Speaks look good. She is also a youth soccer coach and fashion connoisseur.  


Todd Avery

Todd is our sound board and facilitator, helping shape ideas where he can and support their transformation into reality. A has-been soccer coach, he is now a proud dog dad working on his MBA.